Why Is It Important To Have A Telescoping Antenna Mast?

Unfortunately, for us dog lovers, canine cancer and tumors in dogs are becoming an epidemic. If you have a dog that has canine cancer or tumors, you need to act fast to give your dog the best chance against this deadly condition. Mast cell tumors are among the most common tumors in dogs, especially dogs that reside in the U.S. I find it interesting that the country where a dog lives has to do with how likely he/she is to get canine cancer or tumors. It has to be due to bad commercial dog food  masterracksbd tainted with chemicals and harmful inhalants in the environment.

There are different forms of this condition and may go by other names such as: mast cell sarcoma, or mastocytomas. Even though there are many different names for the condition, they are all mast cell tumors and the treatments are similar. Also, the good news is modern veterinary treatments can put into remission about 80% of dogs with mast cell canine tumors.

The prognosis for a dog with mast cell cancer depends on the stage and grade of the tumor. The skin tumors are considered to be quite curable and about half never reoccur after being surgically removed.

Surgery and chemotherapy can be very harsh on your dog, but if a he/she tolerates it well their quality of life can be quite good, even during the treatment period. Prednisone (a corticosteroid) may be prescribed to reduce pain and swellings, but it is designed to only treat the symptoms not the underlying cause.

Many dog owners are reporting that they are not getting the results they were expecting or their dog still got worse or died. These conventional veterinary treatment methods, developed over the last century or so are used to reduce the tumors, but should always be seen as only one part of a whole treatment plan.

We need to understand that these methods alone do not cure cancer.

Triggering your dog’s natural immune response is the only way to allow the dog to overcome cancer and/or tumors. This is why we recommend natural, alternative options to enhance your dog’s immune response to go along with other conventional treatment. Even after surgery, radiation or chemotherapy the underlying cause of the cancer is still there, which allowed the cancer to form in the first place.

Chemo and surgery do not deal with this underlying cause of the cancer.

Hear For yourself how these 5 dog owners dealt with their own dog’s cancer & the results they got from the choices they made. First hand advice from 5 owners of dog’s with cancer, hear where they succeeded and where they failed..

1 owner did nothing

1 owner got treatment but it made no difference

1 owner got treatment and their dog went into remission but the cancer returned

1 owner got treatment and the cancer was cured and

1 owner got treatment and their dog is still in remission

Hear for yourself which treatments had success and which did not, some of the results were very surprising. Watch the videos to see how to give your dog the best chance it has against cancer. Check out


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