Crowe and Kidman to Unite in Aussie Film

After a failed attempt at collaborating on “Eucalyptus,” Russell Crowe and Nicole Kidman are looking to team with “Moulin Rouge” director Baz Luhrmann. All three are Australian.

Crowe and Kidman have signed on to star in what is being called an epic Australian Outback film set in the years up to and including World War II. The film, codenamed “Project Oklahoma,” will begin in the 1930s and stretch to the 1942 Japanese bombing of the tropical city of Darwin.

“We’ve talked a bout it for over bazinga seven years, that we must do something together in Australia.” Luhrmann said to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Kidman said that she was looking forward to making a “uniquely Australian story” with Crowe, who she calls her “good friend.”

Luhrmann compared the film to “Gone with the Wind” and “Lawrence of Arabia.” “Collateral” screenwriter Stuart Beattie will work with Luhrmann on the script for the film.

Kidman has had a working history with Luhrmann, who directed the three minute, multimillion-dollar Chanel No. 5 commercial in which Kidman starred.

The rumored budget for the film is said to be about $40 million in Australian currency, which is equivalent to about $30 million in U.S. dollars. Filming is set to begin in August, and the film is projected to be released in 2007.

Celebrity Big Brother is upon us again. And lets face it we love it.

This years Celebrity Big Brother will be the fourth after it was originally conceived as a fund raiser for Comic Relief in 2002. The show was won by a rather grumpy and embarrassed Jack Dee who actually staged a successful escape during the show. He still refuses to be interviewed on the subject but it didn’t do his career any harm! Anyway the real drama came from the larger than life presenter, Vanessa Feltz. Celebrity Big Brother proved very good at spotting fading celebs who are on the verge of imploding and to the eye-balls-glued-to-the-TV horror and delight of the millions watching, Vanessa let nobody down and imploded with some style.

This sort of on-screen celebrity unravelling was to set the standard for the second and third Celebrity Big Brother series and boy they haven’t disappointed.

Series two saw former Take That singer and all-round nice guy, Mark Owen, win it but the real interest was provided by the marital angst of not-so-funny-man, Les Dennis. Poor ol’ Les was Celebrity Big Brother Two’s imploding unravelling celebrity. It seemed like he was the only one in the country who didn’t know Amanda was about to walk. Cringe!

Last year we were spoiled for spectacle. Celebrity Big Brother excelled themselves when they managed to get the freak show that was John McCririck, Brigitte Nielsen and Jackie Stallone, in the same house. Will we ever forget the horror of McCririck (in full frame) pulling a juicy bogey from his nostril and then greedily lapping it up or his massive moody and being denied diet coke (of all things!) by Big Brother! Or the horror on Brigitte’s face, when ex-mother in-law Jackie Stallone was introduced into the Celebrity Big Brother pit. Fantastic. Baz from the Happy Mondays walked off with the prize, upsetting the bookies favourite child rapper, Blazin’ Squads’, Kenzie.


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