Whither the Scoundrel?

In Chinese fortune-telling, one of the most extensively asked (by client) and foretold (by fortune-tellers) topic is that of the scoundrel (also widely known as “Xiao Ren” in Mandarin). Clients typically asked because they want to rid of the scoundrels in their life while fortune-tellers shares because they can peddle products and ornaments to such clients. Many of the commercialized fortune-tellers prey on the fear of the Xiao Ren by Chinese.

If we go by the theory of Bazi bazinga (the most widely known Chinese fortune-telling tool), scoundrels are the Rob Wealth stars in one’s Bazi chart. Rob Wealth stars will only be destructive if their elemental nature is unfavorable to the Bazi chart in question. Rob Wealth stars suggest competitors and therefore unfavorable Rob Wealth stars would suggest unfavorable competition. In Zi Wei Dou Shu (henceforth referred to as “ZWDS”, another Chinese fortune-telling tool), the scoundrel is epitomized by Tuo Luo or Peg Top star. The Tuo Luo star is a covert star and often exudes its influence from the dark or harms others from hidden angles. The Tuo Luo star is present in all ZWDS charts and the only difference is in the palace they fall into, indicating the type of harm Tuo Luo will bring.

Hence scoundrel stars in Chinese astrology merely means hidden bad influence at best and unfavorable competition at worst. It is the not this one single star that will make or break your life. In fact, morbid and irrational fears of such challenges and negative influences will harm us more than the stars themselves are capable of wreaking havoc.

But really, what is the fuss about such scoundrel star? People like to comfort themselves that their plight is due to the handiwork of scoundrels rather than their own failings. Practically all people will have suffered from the scoundrels at one time or another in their life so there’s really no need to get paranoid over stars that depict the scoundrel. There is no urgent need to pay lots of money for ornaments that supposedly can rid you of the scoundrels in your life. Whether they are able to live up to such claims is still arguable.

In fact, meeting scoundrels will eventually make some of us smarter and wiser. Wise people knows how to extract the best out of a bad situation. A person who succeeds is one who knows how to take charge of his own life.

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