What Are My Best Marketing Alternatives?

You have, or are beginning, a business or charitable organization. You need to get the word out regarding your product or service. So, you ask yourself, either subconsciously or consciously: ‘What are my best marketing alternatives?’ Let’s differentiate between this question a similar one for sales. Let sales be anything where you are having a dialogue with your prospect. We’ll limit our discussion to the process that leads that prospect to you with interest in having that dialogue, or, ideally just buying your product or service. We’ll address pros and cons of the best alternatives.

Television and Radio

OK, before you immediately atierrademisamores dismiss TV and radio as an option for your business, you really should get some numbers from your local stations. In many cases your largest Cable provider is your best TV option, but consider local content provided by satellite providers, as well. Then, look at the niche stations that may best fit your product or service. You may find that the rates are not nearly as onerous as you may have expected. The same is true for radio. Contact the stations you think your audience is most likely to listen to and check out rates for various time slots. Then, do some math. Ask yourself what kind of return you need to justify the expenditures. While you might think it’s exciting to be a part of these media, you’re objective is bang for the buck. Let’s look at the next option.

Print Media

There remain a lot of different ways to use print media to reach your market. They include: newspapers, magazines, flyers, competing business directories like Yellow Pages and Yellow Book, specific directories for industry, church and organization bulletins, bill boards and post card campaigns. That’s not even all- inclusive. As is the case with TV and radio, take a look at which have the most reach, which most directly target your audience and, of course, the cost for each. Are there areas here that don’t get the readership they once did? Indeed, there are. I’ll bet they are obvious to you. So, don’t only consider whether or not the cost provides a positive rate of return, but also if it’s the best alternative for this part of your budget.

Word of Mouth – Referrals

There’s no questions that direct referrals can have the largest percentage of closure rate for any business or organization. (That assumes, of course, that you provide quality in your product or service. Negative referrals can destroy your business faster than anything else.) So, always ask your satisfied customer for either a testimonial or referral. Go online and get a good book on how to get comfortable with this technique. There are volumes on this subject alone. It will be worth the few dollars to you. However, this alone doesn’t always provide enough business for you. So, speaking of ‘online,’…

Online – The World Wide Web – The Internet

For most businesses and organizations proper use of the internet is the absolute best marketing alternative, even for local businesses. In fact, often, local businesses can get a much higher ranking online than someone targeting a national or international audience. Why is this the best marketing? It has the best return on investment, if done properly. You need to understand, though, that putting up a website, no matter how profound you think it is, does not get you business in and of itself. This best marketing alternative requires that you get massive amounts of traffic to that website. It can even be done inexpensively.

Your options include radio and tv, print media, referrals and the internet. Decide which is best for you based on the amount of closure you get for your investment. Look very seriously at the internet.

Joe is grandfather, father and husband, but also a top trainer and internet marketing coach who works with entrepreneurs from around the world who want to have more time for their family. To learn more about Joe, or how you can earn five figures monthly from home in your spare time without having to sell, take a loo


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