Square Plastic Plates For All Occasions

Every homeowner musthave cutlery and plates with which to serve and chow down their foods and snacks. Although plates are usually made from ceramic, nowadays there are myriads of plate options to choose from and plastic dinnerware are probably the most in demand. Plastic plates are perfect alternatives for ceramic plates that we use to know. They are widely available in the market in differing styles and finishes and more importantly they are a cost-effective option that goes well in all kinds of occasions.

Although plastics were once considered as disposable party goods, today, they serve more than a dozen of purposes. This is due in part to their creative designs and colors that are equally at par with ceramic plates, providing consumers with a wide selection to choose from. Square plastic plates are relatively new in the market and are very popular. Their angular and corner design is what makes them unique and appropriate for all table settings.

Square plastic plates can either be disposable and reusable and their use vary greatly on the event that you have in mind. Disposable square dinnerware is indispensable during casual parties and entertainment especially for kids’ parties, picnics, and barbecue weekends. Since they are meant to be thrown out after use, you won’t be keeping them around for long. Another obvious advantage of using these disposable plastic plates during the aforesaid occasions is that you won’t have to worry about them being damaged or broken unlike ceramic plates. These pieces can be purchased in an assortment of colors and designs and some disposable plastic plates are coordinated with other party materials.

Meanwhile, reusable square plastic plates are more ideal for formal gatherings such as wedding receptions, graduation dinners and formal themed parties. The plastic plates used for these events are meant to last without actually sacrificing the value of elegance or design. That is, rather than disposing them after use, they are designed to be reused and are perfect alternatives for fragile chinaware because they are crafted with functionality and style in mind. Hence, they befit almost all kinds of formal settings and as an added bonus you could purchase them at a fraction of the cost of ceramic plates and platters.

Disposable plastic items are often made from polystyrene, a compound of carbon and hydrogen. Reusable plastic plates, on the other hand, are crafted from melamine resin. In order to create a melamine resin, the said compound is combined with formaldehyde through the process of polymerization and then the material is heated and molded into plates. This process is what makes these reusable plastic plates hard, thick and dishwasher safe.

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