The Benefits Of Using Plastic – Reasons Why It Is Still In Use

Today you hear so much about banning of plastic bags and there are so many thrust in this direction. How come then, that there are still many plastic bag suppliers that do a good business producing goods that should otherwise be banned from the market? What about jewelry display supplies that are made out of plastic as well?

The plastic market continues to prosper for there is yet any bio-degradable substitute found for it. You still need plastic when you want to protect something from water or oil, right? No matter how good your intentions would be; you would not want a raincoat made out of recycled paper, would you? Here are five benefits that justify the use of plastic, even though it is considered to be a non-green item:

1. It is impermeable – when you need protection against any liquid, nothing but plastic would do definitely. Whether it is water, oil or any chemical – the only protection you would think about when you have something to be covered in such cases is plastic. Let us say you are packing for a trip; how many of you pack their shampoos and creams in plastic lest there be an accident and the contents spill over your clothes.

2. It is durable – plastic is stronger than paper and therefore, often preferred over the latter. Environmentalists promote cloth bags in its stead and cloth bags are good as well – but what happens when you are actually not prepared for shopping and there are no cloth bags to buy in the vicinity? A bag costs next to nothing and it makes a superb carry bag for almost everything.

3. It is inexpensive – most stores like to stock plastic bags for they are inexpensive and easy to store. It is easy for the store keeper to pack things in plastic – especially when the list of items is large. For less things paper bags are ideal – but these tend to break if not handled right, for which reason both buyer and seller would rather deal with the plastic bags.

4. Not all bags are bad – plastic bags of a certain thickness are bio-degradable. Hence, not all the bags are bad for the environment. Besides, one can still recycle these bags and make things that help this planet survive. Plenty of research studies are going on to find out the best way to use and dispose of plastic bags and modern science seems to be on the verge of a breakthrough.

5. These types of bags can and should be re-cycled – when disposed off irresponsibly as it is done in third world countries, these plastic bags becomes a huge threat to life on earth. However, if you choose to recycle it – you can have some great things made out of it without any worry that you are harming the environment. A good example of using plastic constructively in the real sense is Reishee Sowa who has built a beautiful personal island for himself out of discarded Pepsi plastic bottles.

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