Selecting the Right Shoes For Running

They say a good pair of running shoes is all we need to protect ourselves from common running injuries. Yet, how can we distinguish a god pair of shoes from one which is not when there seemed thousands of running shoes sold in the market? Selecting the right shoes for running can be overwhelming, but shopping would be a lot easier when you read the following frequently asked questions about purchasing running shoes.

What is the first thing that should be considered when buying a new pair of running shoes?

The first thing that you should consider before shopping around running shoe stores is your own foot type. There are three foot types namely, neutral, high-arch and flat feet. High-arch and flat feet experience running injuries caused by irregular rolling of fit outward and inward, while neutral feet do not. Your foot type will distinguish which shoes for running are good for you and your feet, whether stability, cushioning or motion-control shoes for running.

Where is the best store to shop for good quality shoes for running?

There are ways on how to determine which store produces the best and good quality shoes for running. If this is a brick and mortar store, then they should specialize in selling running shoes alone, and no other kinds of shoes. This way, the sales clerk have broader ideas on which is right for you based on your foot type, and they could even help you determine your own foot type when you don’t know how to check it. The sales clerk are more informed and trained about running shoe types than any regular store clerks. If this is from an online shop, check their customer service and product reviews, as well as their store guidelines and policies.

Which shoe brands are the most recommended shoe brands around the world?

Although there are various brands produced around the world, their quality can also differ based on the current running demands of the person using that product. Some may feel good wearing that certain shoes, while some feel more comfortable on the other brand. Popular shoe brands include Brooks, New Balance, Nike, Adidas, and Saucony. However, the Brooks running shoes focus on making innovative running shoe products alone.

How do you determine the shoes are not correctly fitted?

Often, shoe sizes can differ from one brand to another or from one type to another. When you wore a size 9 shoe from your previous shoes, do not get confused when you fit in a half size larger or smaller than 9. Thus, in order to determine whether your shoes fit well in your shoes, you have to do a dry run and wear your shoes inside the shoes store. Shoe stores allow their shoes to be fitted and tried with walking and even running. Wear it for around ten minutes, or you can also try it in your house so that it is kept clean when you feel it does not fit well and you want to return it.

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