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If you are an online article marketer of or online article author then you have no doubt noticed that many of the directory sites steal the “categories” listed on other sites as their own. There is a ton of copy and paste going on online, and while such misuse shows a lack of integrity, we’ve all come to expect this. Still, whether an directory site comes up with their own category or steals them (which irks me) they should still have a summary for each category.

Many of the top online article sites do have summaries, but it would be kind of cool if they all did and each category had a summary of what kind of articles and topics generally go into that category. It might be good for the readers, and those who re-publish these articles. Indeed, it would be great to have this available in the Secured Author’s section; Why?

Well, it seems that sometimes it’s hard to choose which category to place something. For instance, edulize I’ve written a few articles lately on topics that could go into any of a number of categories. Rather than guessing, it would be certainly nice to know which category the website wanted it in or where people would be looking for it in. Having a summary would help for authors to pin-point, and although they would eventually figure it out.

On the reader’s side, it would help them a lot, as it might be good to have a paragraph of what to expect as one peruses that category. Additionally, at the bottom of the submission page for the authors there should be a link to other suggested categories too. This is something that all directory sites need, even the less ethical ones that are copy sites. It’s only fair to the reader and the writers who donate content.

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