Dehradun – A Land of Prominent & Amazing Attractions

Dehradun is one of the most fascinating, exciting and most sought after hill stations in India,This marvelous city is situated right in the middle of the Doon Valley between Shivalik and Himalayan ranges,This is the oldest city of India renowned for its clean and rejuvenating atmosphere, picturesque gardens, fascinating parks, temples and exotic landscapes. This is one of the most sought after tourist destinations of India as its picturesque beauty makes it stand out of others,This city draws thousands of enthusiast, pilgrims and nature lovers from all round the globe.

The town is a summer destination from the times of British as it offers great tourists attractions,Due to the presence of a range of fascinating and extraordinary tourist destinations of Dehradun entire Uttarakhand State has been immensely benefited.

Some of the most outstanding attractions that the visitor would not afford to miss are Tapkeshwar Temple, Sahastra Dhara, Robbers Cave and many more to add to the list of attractions. One can also visit some amazing parks such as The Rajaji National Park and The Malsi Deer Park in the city.

Malsi Deer Park is one of the most beautifully established and maintained mini zoological park,This park is ideally situated at the foot hills of Shivalik range.gopeshwar hotel It houses a range of species of deer with Neelgai and two horned deer. The park is also an ideal home for a variety of birds and peacocks,The park also exhibits a children’s park especially meant for children. One can also visit Tapkeshwar Temple situated just about five kilometers from city center, is a beautiful cave temple. This temple is one of the most significant and important temples of Dehradun,The temple got this name because there is natural dripping water over the lingam.

Another must visit temple of the area is Lakshman Siddh Temple, dedicated to Laxmana, the brother of Rama,This place is just few kilometers away from the Shakya Center,The temple exhibits a perfect amalgamation of Buddhist architecture and traditions.

Robber’s Cave is also a very interesting and a very famous picnic spot of the area. This marvelous spot is just eight kilometers away from Dehradun Bus Stand. You need to trek up to a kilometer to reach the place as the local bus facility is available till Anarwala Village. It is an amazing and marvelous tourist spot with wonders of the nature.

Here one can witness the strange phenomena of nature as stream of water goes underground and reappears after few meters. It is commonly referred as Guchu Pani and offers a great and pristine atmosphere to the guests.

Sahastra Dhara is just about fourteen kilometers away from Dehradun. It is also a very renowned and amazing waterfall having great medicinal qualities. It is a spring of sulphur water and it is believed that it has the ability to cure all types of skin problems.

The market place of the city generally lies around the Victorian Clock Tower,This is one of the great places to hang out during your stay in Dehradun,This place offers you several restaurants and cinema halls making this place worth visit.



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