Best of American Express Charge Cards for 2012

Ask any current American Express charge card holder and the will probably tell you that it’s the best charge card that they have every had, as long as it is accepted at all of their normal vendors. American Express is not the most widely accepted cards, and the main reason for this is because American Express charges a higher fee per transaction at merchants than other credit cards do. But as a cardholder you can reap the benefits from this extra money that American Express makes in the form of rewards and added features on your card. If you enjoy traveling or attending special events then take a look at the group of American Express charge cards and see what you have been missing.

Amex Green Charge Card
This is the base level charge card for American Express. With this card you can earn 1 point for every dollar that you spend on your card. You also earn 2x points when you book you trips through American Express’s travel site and up to 10x points when you make purchases on American Express’s Membership Rewards online mall with over 300 of the best vendors.

The annual fee for the American Express Green Charge card is $95, which is waived for your first year, and $30/year for each additional card that you add to your account.

Amex Gold Charge Card
The American Express Gold Charge Card is the next step up in ladder. With this card you are earning the same points structure that the Green card offers. The main difference is that you will be one of the first people to now about upcoming entertainment events and be able to purchases tickets to these events through American Express (which you can use points to pay for.) If you attend a lot of special events and hate waiting in line for tickets and you want to save $50 off of the next card in this entourage then this is the card for you.

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