A Chesapeake Shores Christmas Written By Sherrly Woods

This delightful holiday family story is another in Sherryl Woods series set in Chesapeake Shores. I had never read any of the previous ones but I had no trouble reading this book on its own. After reading “A Chesapeake Shores Christmas”, I had a desire to read more of Sherryl’s books. She has such a heartwarming way of getting the reader and keeping that reader reading until the eyes close.

Megan and Mick O’Brien had divorced twelve years earlier. After the divorce Megan moved to New York City from the Chesapeake Shores area but Chesapeake Chiropractor she had a very difficult time adjusting without her family. She had made the trip back on one occasion at Christmas to see how things would go while visiting her much-missed children. Megan had the feeling that it was just too much for all of the family to take so she didn’t try another trip until twelve years after the divorce. She had called ahead to Mick to see how he felt about another attempt for a Christmas visit. She had repeatedly invited the children to come to visit her in New York but none would come. This made her feel hesitant about going to see her loved ones.

Megan and Mick clicked almost at once with each other, both wondering why they had gotten the divorce since they did love each other so much yet. After a period of time before Christmas, Megan spoke and reconnected with the children except for Connor. He was an attorney and vowed to fight any new marriage of his parents. He did not want Megan to tear up the family again as he felt she had done after the divorce. Despite Megan and Mick’s attempts talking to Connor, he still refused to give in. The other children seemed to think it would be great for them all if their parents married again. The battle and persuasion to get Connor to agree went on quite a while.

The Thanksgiving meal preparation went on. All the children, parents, and grandchildren were involved except Connor. He refused to participate with his mother in the picture. Megan was a very valuable employee working for an artist studio in New York and loved her work. Now that she hoped to reconnect with her family she also hoped to start her own studio in Chesapeake Shores if all went well. All the conversations, yea and nay, continued between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The author has woven a very plausible tale that will envelop the reader from cover to cover. Thanks Cherryl.

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