present: Restoration and subdivision

Gabrielle and her better half clutched the remainder of the homestead property until the last part of the 1920s. She sold the house in 1926, finishing 62 years of Greeley possession. The remainder of the ranch was offered to an engineer the following year, and partitioned into the business downtown it is presently, finishing the change of Chappaqua from the peaceful nation spot to which Horace Greeley had disappeared to work on cultivating into a cutting edge suburb whose occupants actually lived in characteristic environmental factors on enormous parcels yet drove day by day to occupations in the city.[14]

With the beginning of the Great Depression of the 1930s the house was dismissed and fell into deterioration. By 1940 it was looking as though it may must be destroyed. It was saved by two occupants, who dispatched a nearby engineer to manage a reclamation that year. One of them, Gladys Capen Mills, lived on the subsequent floor and ran a little blessing shop ground floor. For a portion of that time the kitchen was additionally utilized as a restaurant.[4]

In 1959 a neighborhood family got it and extended the blessing shop to utilize the whole house, renovating the inside for that reason and adding the level roofed south option. They stayed in business there until 1998. After they shut, the New Castle Historical Society got it. All through the main decade of the 21st century, two designers administered another rebuilding of the house, to an appearance closer to that which it had during the Greeley time. It has been the general public’s workplaces since then.[4]

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Public Register of Historic Places postings in northern Westchester County, New York


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