Iraq, Part of Our Heritage – Contrary to Popular Belief

The words China and Egypt, Athens and Rome, bring to a great many people’s brain a puzzling history and a regarded culture. Infrequently will the word Mesopotamia, old Iraq, do likewise. You’ll presumably get confounded or peculiar articulations from kids, even most grown-ups, at the notice of Mesopotamia. With respect to Iraq, pictures of Saddam, savagery, psychological oppressors, Islamic fundamentalists and war spring up all finished. Also, that is the place where the pictures generally end.

Concerning Iraq’s ascribes, they are covered alive underneath absence of acknowledgment. Out of the blue, history textbooks and TV programs neglect to examine the significance of antiquated Iraq, despite the fact that it’s the mother of our present way of life and consequently, ought not exclusively be talked about however accentuated.

I quit composing here, left my PC and asked my niece, who was reading for a school course at the kitchen table, to call several her companions, disclose to them she was doing a review for her auntie and could they answer one inquiry: “What is Mesopotamia?”

Individuals reviewed were in their mid-twenties to late thirties, and are either as of now in school or have an advanced education.

first reaction is an original American, the little girl of Chaldean (Christian Iraqi) foreigners: “What the f_ _ is this for? I don’t have a clue. I’m bad in geology. It is safe to say that you are messing with me at this moment? I can’t clarify it like this. You found me napping. I don’t have the foggiest idea. I need to consider everything. You can’t do this. I couldn’t conceptualize so go get your data from somewhere else.”

Snap. My niece chuckled, realizing her companion overcompensated having been called out. She dialed the following number, this time placing a little turn in the inquiry. “In the event that an outsider descends from out of space and asks you what is Mesopotamia, what might you say?”

second reaction is additionally by the little girl of Chaldean workers: “Goodness, my God! Well…. Quite a while in the past – some time in the past – alright, it’s a zone of land in the Middle East. It’s our way of life, where our kin are from. Didn’t your auntie compose a book on this? It’s a major spot and a war broke out there and everybody was isolated to various territories.”

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