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The Warhammer Online Chaos Army has its affiliation rooted in the God of hope and manipulation: Tzeentch. They are a highly destructive group of players whose main goal is merely to ruin those that lie in their path. They worship four gods: the already-mentioned Tzeentch, the god of conflict and fury who is Khorne, the god of disease and decay Nurgle, and the god of pleasure Slaanesh. The gods they worship are constantly in conflict with each other, they are still worshipped by them consistently. Having a good warhammer online chaos characters, strategy, and leveling guide will greatly help your game play.

The army fights against electronicseeker their rival in the Armies of Order: the Empire. They are usually comprised of humans from Norsca. Also known as “The Chaos Warhost,” the members of this army live in North Kislev. Within them are the so-called “Champions,” who are identified as the most powerful and are a favorite of their gods. Marauders are warriors, also from the North, which join the Champions when they fight against the Beastmen.

They have four career options : These are:
1. the Chosen
2. the Magus
3. the Zealot
4. the Marauder

More specifically known as “Chosen Champion of Tzeentch,” their career option are fierce warriors with impressive battle tactics. They are bestowed upon with “Dark Gifts” that make them more powerful. There are three masteries for them :
1. the Path of Dread (where the chosen kills enemies with brute force)
2. the Path of Corruption (where they aim to let their enemies fight until they are too exhausted to even function on the battlefield)
3. the Path of Discord (where the Chosen makes use of manipulative forces and magic)

The second career option is the Magus which are actually wizards equipped with the magic coming from Tzeentch. They are powered with Dark Magic and are considered deadly although the Magus has its own weakness and flaws. They only wear light armor with robes. And they carry staff inscribed with Chaos symbols.

The third career option is the Zealot who are hardcore devotees of the four gods. They are characterized by their methods of symbolism, as Zealots carry around totems that they use against their enemies. These enemies are called Harbingers. Zealots use a powerful kind of ancient magic. They have three career masteries. These are the Path of Alchemy (where they use alchemy as a healing means), the Path of Ritual (where their main focus is destroying the balance in a fight and tipping the scales in favor of them), and the Path of Witchcraft (where they kill their enemies through magic).

The fourth and final career option for them is the Marauder. These are barbaric warriors who wield all sorts of weapons. They are physically mutated. With an inherent blood-thirst in their system, Marauders are fans of violence and brutal force. They are gifted by Tzeentch with the “Gift of Change.” Also check and search for warhammer online chaos characters, strategy, and leveling guide to better help your game play.

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