Let Freedom Ring

Let Freedom Ring! Let the whole world sing! What a powerful word freedom is; it conjures up visions of laughter, loving, fresh air, sunshine and excitement. People, animals and even plants grow with abandon when there are no restrictions. We can taste freedom, especially those who have been denied this most basic right. But, what is freedom, really?

There are many definitions available to those who seek to know the answer. It is generally defined as ‘the power or right to act, speak, or think individually with the absence of interference or enslavement. No matter what definition you prefer, freedom is a state of mind; one that allows personal beliefs and ideas to flow, permitting the realization of a dream. Yet freedom for all requires a collective agreement on what personal expressions cannot be acceptable.

As much as we may embrace the idea of freedom, we understand it is only possible with restrictions. Behavior that causes harm to others is unacceptable, even if it restricts ones freedom of self-expression. Behavior that causes harm to a nation is treason, punishable by very harsh consequences. In the name of ensuring freedom, society imposes the necessary restraints to ensure freedom for all. We call it the law of the land; every nation establishes these. When they are broken or ignored, the people and their freedom are in danger.

There is a fatal flaw in humanity; we recognize it asĀ  domowyogrod denial or pretending not to see, and it is dangerous. The cause of this refusal to identify or act on events that can escalate to danger is typically born of fear, greed, control or manipulation. Those motivations exist as evil when they interfere with a society’s ability to be free.

When we whisper and talk about behavior we know is harmful to ourselves and others, yet choose to look the other way, we chart a path that engulfs our freedom in the flames of destruction. Our time of freedom quickly runs out. Is there a path back to glory we once created?

A return to freedom requires that there must be a day of reckoning; a time when we are willing to expose the very worst in our humanity. When we can do this, we can let the weak be strong, and no longer let the right be wrong; we must roll the stone away from a cave of darkness that protects the guilty and let the guilty pay. This is a true day of reckoning and our Independence Day.

Looking the other way, pretending not to see is dangerous to all, not just those who refuse to see what is happening. This places everyone on the losing end without our consent to travel down this treacherous path. Everyone’s freedom is endangered when this behavior is allowed to continue. There can be no forgiveness without a demand for change. When we stand firm on that demand, we let the whole world know that this is a day of reckoning.

Our independence and freedom demands that we no longer look away, that we closely examine what is before us and chart a new path that leads to the plan we all agreed upon. There must be a day of reckoning, punishment and a change of behavior if we are to remain free. When we chart this course once more, it’s Independence Day, again. Let freedom ring!



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