How To Find The Top MBA Online

There are many different online liberal arts degrees to choose from ranging from journalism, communications, English literature and humanities to history, philosophy and political science. By getting a liberal arts degree online, you can acquire a general knowledge of your chosen subject area and develop your intellectual capabilities for research, critical thinking and analysis. Vocational, professional and technical degrees on the other hand, typically focus on just one specialization. Online liberal arts degrees include associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degrees, although the bachelor’s degree is generally the most popular. top up online The following schools’ programs are among the top 10 online programs offering liberal studies degrees in the United States.

1. Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts from Saint Leo University Online

2. Bachelor of Arts in Applied Studies from Brandman University

3. Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts from Argosy University Online

4. Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies from Saint Leo University Online

5. Bachelor of Arts/Health Care Studies – Liberal Studies from Ashford University

6. Bachelor of Arts/Organizational Management from Ashford University

7. Bachelor of Liberal Studies in Interdisciplinary Studies from Boston University

8. Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies from Kaplan University

9. Master of Professional Studies from Hodges University

10. Master of Science in Leadership – Liberal Studies from Duquesne University

If you choose to get an online liberal studies degree such as a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science, which may be in a field such as English, comparative literature, political science or astronomy, you will need to complete two years of general education courses first. This will include basic math, English, economics, history and humanities courses, as well as a couple of electives, which every typical college student has to take.

For an associate’s degree, you may graduate in two years, and you will take a few of the basic courses with more of a focus on your chosen area of specialty. You can go on to complete the bachelor’s in another two years. For the master’s, you will need to have a bachelor’s degree already, which you will build on with two years of specialized study. Online programs often offer an accelerated plan so that you can complete your degree in less time than with a traditional on-campus degree program.

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