What To Look For When Hiring A Webmaster?

There are many factors that you need to consider when hiring a webmaster, you need to ensure that you will get customer satisfaction as well as good value for money. You would hate to choose an inexperienced webmaster who cannot meet your requirements because you would have to go through the whole process again to get the job done. It means if you made any partial payment you may lose that which will then lower your budget when looking for another webmaster.

Firstly you have to identify the

If you are going to search the justmyfitness forums or websites for a webmaster you should be very cautious about what you state in your thread and make sure you don’t miss any important information out that may prolong the process.

This is the kind of information you should always state when creating a project on a forum or freelance website:

Exactly what you need doing, try to include as much detail as possible as it will make it easier for the webmaster to quote you an accurate price. It will also prevent the conversation in between telling the webmaster what they need to do. If you can do this successfully they should have everything they have to get started as soon as you accept the quote.
Deadline, one of the most important things for a webmaster is to know the maximum deadline. This will also remove the factor of them having to rush a job to get it done to an unexpected deadline because if the webmaster was to miss any deadlines it will look bad from their side which may deter many other people from using them in the future.
Maximum budget, this is quite important in the fact that it will eliminate any webmasters that charge over your budget so is well worth putting into the pitch somewhere.
Any additional information that you feel will be beneficial to the chosen webmaster.
After you have set your project up you will get overwhelmed with responses and quotes from people who believe they are capable of meeting your requirements. You then have to go through the responses one by one to see if anyone stands out from the crowd, your budget will be a major deciding point at this stage because if anyone has quoted an amount over your budget you can discard that right away.

You should always ask for samples of previous work so that you will be confident in your decision and don’t choose anyone that is simply after your money. Any reputable webmaster will have a portfolio showcasing their talents and strengths ready for you to take a look at. Each forum or website will have a rating system in place so you can see how successful they have been since starting as a freelance webmaster. Take a look at their history and feedback to see what comments past customers have left as this will be the only information you can rate them on.

When you have found the webmaster you want to take on, the next step is to arrange payment. Many people will require a 50% upfront or a deposit of some sort to show the webmaster that you are serious about this and want the working doing. If you are new to the freelance website/forum you will not have built any reputation or feedback so they may request full payment upfront to secure the job. Check their feedback before you make any payments but if it seems to be 100% positive then everything should run smooth.

You can use payment methods such as escrow or paypal to make things a little safer as if you don’t get what was promised you can file a charge back and have a good chance to get some, if not all of your money back. Try to build a good reputation on these websites so that in future if you need any work doing it will be a lot easier to have a smooth transaction.

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