Georgia Department of Insurance Health & Life Insurance Producers – Mouth of the New South

The Georgia Department of Insurance health & life insurance producers have broken a new mold. They have led the Southern rebellion, changing from laid back to aggressive insurance reps to be reckoned with. In the last few years, Georgia insurance marketing has leaped ahead of near and far away states. Not that long ago debit agents in Georgia, like most southern states prevailed. These health and life insurance producers sold very small premium insurance policies on their established routes, where weekly or monthly premiums collections would be picked up from their clients. (Sort of like playing the neighborhood numbers game, before the state lotteries knocked them out of competition?). As these debit agents were employees of the insurance company, when they left, so did their unvested renewals. An old route as simply assigned to a new agent trainee joining the company.

Needless to mention, low income potential, high training costs, agent awareness, and modern banking policies have fairly well decreased debit life insurance company presence to becoming a minimal factor nowadays. connectedhealthcenter When I refer to Georgia insurance producers becoming the “mouth of the south,” this reflects on many of these southerners formerly waiting back for the train to come in. Georgia is often a highly underrated state, where misconceptions abound. Georgia residents have an income level slightly below that of the national average. That is typical of all southern states. The noteworthy factor is that the median income of Georgia insurance agent families is $10,000 more than those in Arkansas, and Mississippi. A very positive note effecting Georgia Insurance Agents, Georgia has experienced major population growth. The average state experienced 5.3% population increase between 2000 and 2005. In Georgia, the amount more than doubled the average, becoming a 10.8% increase.

These Georgia insurance agents suddenly had approximately 1,000,000 new potential clients to sell to. Moreover, a lot of these were established families with good incomes moving into the state. In fact, 12.4 % of the households have a $100,000 or higher income. This is not typical of many southern states. This is a great opportunity for Georgia insurance agents to offer annuity and financial products. In addition, as the number of seniors is percentage wise, much lower than most states, health agents should concentrate more on the healthy individual, worksite, and group plans My Georgia advice: Stay OUT of Atlanta.

Georgia is split in two zones, 55% of the licensed agents in the Atlanta Area, Zips 300-303. The other 45% are outside this metropolitan area. On the demand for Georgia agent recruiting, probably four will be for the Atlanta area, 2 for the entire state, and 1 for areas outside Atlanta. That would mean that Atlanta area agents receive 85% of insurance recruiting solicitations. 42% of the mail would be sent to rural agents. In addition, Atlanta agents are bombarded with almost daily solicitations by fax, email, or telemarketing.

Two recruiting tips. One: Atlanta area brokers, and Georgia rural agents, broker almost the same amount of business, with roughly the same number of total insurance carriers. Two: A rural Georgia agent is twice as likely to stay loyal to you, that the Atlanta city slicker. Our database indicates this very distinctly. We examine the frequency a Georgia insurance agent signs with another insurance company. Make your move to reward yourself with a sweet piece of the Georgia pie, rural style. Some Statistics. The state population in 2005 increased almost 11% upward since 2000 to over 9,000,000. The number of agents to thousand residents is a respectable, not overcrowded 3.6 agents. A strong median family income along with a strong percentage of high school graduates illustrates a strong economic base.

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