The Top 10 Movies Currently In Production

2013 is turning out to be another bumper movie year with some big titles heading our way. From sequels to franchise re-births, the movies currently in production and due for release in 2014 are set to be real show stoppers. Here are 10 of the best!

The Raid 2

Filming is now underway in Indonesia on Gareth Evans’s massive and explosive follow-up to hit movieĀ ‘The Raid’. This time around Iko Uwai’s Rama will be drawn into dark and dangerous criminal underworld. More non-stop action is forecast and no doubt countless heads will roll.

The Monuments Men

George Clooney directs and stars alongside Hollywood heavy hitters Matt Damon, Bill Murray and Cate Blanchett. Also featuring Jean Dujardin and John Goodman, Monuments Men is a World War II based flick about a ‘culture-vulture’ heist crew who plan to recover art stolen by the Nazi’s. This one is highly anticipated to take off a number of Oscar’s.


Staring the likes of Kit Harrington, Keifer Sutherland, Jessica Lucas and Emily Browning, this W.S. Anderson historical epic is set to impress with effects guru Tony Kenny (Titanic) leading the CGI production team. Filmed in Toronto, as far as fake Volcano movies go, expect this to be awash with hot molten lava.

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