Why Optimism About the Online Ad Market is the Only Sensible Solution

I think just about everyone has heard about the big tumble in placing ads online: profits dropping, companies aren’t buying ad space, people are realizing that it’s not a cakewalk to advertise online. Hold on: that’s 2001.

Heady Days for Everyone

You probably look back on that famous period as the dot-com bust. It was difficult for all of us, everyone who gambled on unsure ventures, but from one point of view it was necessary. There were too many mystery profits getting trumped up on a foundation that wasn’t really solid, so a big drop was unavoidable.

But then, after that, people 온라인홀덤 concluded in haste that online advertising was over, which meant the bottom fell out of the developing marketplace that was still kicking around. This really just allowed Google to move in and take over most of the online ad market, which allowed them to become far more dominant than any other company.

How Online Advertising Came Crawling Back

Slowly, the market crawled back, matured, SEO was born again, and a second sort of honeymoon began again with online marketing. People were a little more cautious this time.

Hop ahead to 2008/2009 and the financial mess. Advertising spots dropped insanely. Marketing budgets were in tatters. And when a company, trying to stay afloat, murders its marketing budget, what disappears first? Traditional print? Television spots? Nah. Try SEO and web-based advertising.

Please Don’t Tell Me It’s Crashed Again, Mom

To the lazy eye (or the lazy journalist), this looks like a precipitous fall in online advertising. But where many viewed, just like before, the second death of an industry, anyone who looked harder could see that this simply wasn’t the case.

The facts are that online advertising experienced a mini-crash like every other sector, but the destination to get their content remains the internet. Just because advertisements had a rough go doesn’t mean users stopped using the internet in huge amounts. Hardly.

There is No Direction But Up When It Comes to Online Content

Really, as we finish our first decade of the 2000s, we’re finding even bigger falls in newspaper circulation and TV viewership. And now books are under threat from new products like Amazon’s kindle. Apple could release a 10-inch touchscreen device made only for browsing and online content. People are without a doubt going online for their, well, everything.

This only tells us that online advertising is clearly going to keep growing as more markets that are actually viable emerge. So while there has been a decline in the online ad market, and at times it has appeared heavy, there are specific reasons for it that don’t touch on whether the market for online ads is viable (it is).

You Can’t Find a Better Period Than Right Now

Times are tough. Traditionally solid ad buyers have scaled back their online advertising, ad rates are very good, and yet every day the amount of information about an ad campaign available to us, the number of white-hat SEO companies, giving top SEO-all these things are still on the rise.

Are you going to be one of those companies that lies low during a recession, waiting for big-time reassurances before re-entering the market? Or are you looking for how to make the best of a bad situation, constantly trying to see where the market is going and hopping in at the right time, when the times have never been more ideal to build a customer base and learn the market?

Don’t be tricked by the illusion of a ‘huge decline’ in online advertising. Look at the long-term, understand where it’s going, and get in on the ground floor.

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