Movie Scripts Online

There are numerous websites that offer free movie scripts from all over the world and from all time periods. One can get access to scripts of classics such as Gone with the wind and Casablanca as well as of relatively recent films such as Stepmom and Legally Blonde. There are many websites that have a huge list of movie scripts, ranging from old movies to the latest blockbusters. There are even websites that have scripts of certain rare and even unreleased movies.

Many sites also include information from qualified professionals who will analyze your scripts and provide relevant advice. For those who are interested, there are many clubs that one can join and learn more about scriptwriting from others interested in the same. Interacting with others of the same interests will help one to broaden their horizons and increase one’s knowledge about scriptwriting in general. You can get inputs from others on how to improve your script and what you can do, to make it more effective.

An important piece of advice when sharing your script online is that you need to ensure that you protect your script and copyright it, so as to prevent any sort of plagiarism. This can be done with a small payment, depending on the time period for which you want to protect your work.

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