Movie Download Scams FAQ

This is all new to me. How easy is it to get started?

Downloading films is easy and you can be watching you first film in minutes. Simple to follow instruction together with comprehensive tutorials means that in minutes you will be watching you first chosen film. If you do have, any questions simply contact the technical support team who are only too willing to help.

Be honest what movies selections to you have for me to download

Put simply nearly every movie in the world is available for download. You name it we will have a copy of it.

If the software is free why do I have to pay.

We provide you FREE Movie download software, DVD Copy Software, Movie Players, CD Burning Software. The registration fee goes toward the technical support teams and to provide you with all the user guides.What operating system can I use to download films?Both windows and mac compatible.

Does it matter what broadband service provider I am with.

Absolutely not. The software will run with all providers. If in the unlikely event you do have a problem the technical support team are ready and willing to resolve you question

Who do ask if I have a question?

If it’s a technical question the technical staff are there 24/7 for any technical queries you may come across. Other matters will be dealt with by the appropriate teams.


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