Sharing Your Internet Connection Through Hotspots and Tethering

While you may not have utilized this option before, nearly all smartphones have the ability to tether. Through tethering they can share the data connected with other devices. The most common ways of doing this is through Wi-Fi, a USB connection, or Bluetooth. Keep in mind that if you tether your carrier may charge you extra so it is best to check before utilizing this option.

Checking with your Carrier

While this may seem like a nuisance it is necessary so that you don’t get charged unexpectedly. Whether or not you can tether will not only depend on the phone you own but it also relies on your carrier and the type of service you have with them. Unfortunately, even if you have a data plan that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can tether. Once you look into tethering and your service you may find that you will need to pay an extra sum each month for the ability.

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