Pay Good Attention to What You Write in The Subject Line of Your Emails

Right now, emails are among the fastest moving direct marketing communications media in the world.

That’s because they are simple to create, cost a fraction of the cost of a telephone call or the price of a postage stamp to send and can travel to the farthest corners of the universe with the speed of light.

Furthermore, they can be timed with razor-sharp accuracy to arrive in a recipient’s inbox at any time of the night or day that you wish and they can be accompanied by pictures, price lists, brochures, videos… you name it!

Plus – and this is hugely important – they can facilitate an instant response at any time of the day or night – 365 days a year.

In a nutshell, emails have just about everything going for them on the sales and new business communications front. And yet a surprisingly big percentage of business people have absolutely no idea what is the most important part of any promotional email.


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