Learn Why HTML Graphic Newsletters

If you’re the kind of marketer that just sends out the same old boring plain text newsletters
(ezines) that anyone can create, then you need to read this to find out why you’re missing out
on generating additional income and subscribers to your business. Plain text newsletters(ezines) are just that…they’re plain and boring. To the reader your plain text newsletter will appear to be nothing more than a regular e-mail. You can jazz it up all you want by adding little symbols like * * * * * * or = = = = = = and Title It Your Newsletter just like this:

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The Greatest Webmasters Monthly Newsletter

Volume 324: Issue 56

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

You can then add “The Greatest mandiribisnis Webmasters Monthly Newsletter” in the Subject line and fill it full of great content and an offer or two, but no matter how hard you try to spiff it up and disguise it as a newsletter…’re only kidding yourself. Your readers are seeing it no differently than every other e-mail they receive in their inbox and they are giving it no more attention than all of the other offers they receive. Plain text newsletters (ezines) make you come across as a thief rather than an expert. These “newsletters” get deleted from your reader’s mailbox as soon as they get opened, which means the great offers and the great content you provided never get read.

In order to really grab your subscriber’s attention with your newsletter, you need to be sending graphic HTML newsletters that catch your reader’s eye and make them want to read the newsletter in it’s entirety. HTML newsletters make you look like a professional that cares about their subscribers and wants to provide them with great content. Once your newsletter has grabbed your readers they will continue reading your entire copy. To the publisher this means that the readers are much more likely to click on your offers contained in the newsletter(ezine).

There is a definite difference in the attitude of the reader and the way they feel about the information they’re getting from your newsletter. Mr. Plain Text Newsletter Guy comes off as more of a thief and less of an expert, whereas Mr. HTML Graphic Newsletter Guy appears to be much more of an expert and the reader is much more willing to listen to what he has to say. Mr. HTML Graphic Newsletter Guy is just much more professional looking in the reader’s eyes and the reader has a much greater tendency to listen to him and trust what he has to say.

Who would you rather do business with? The one who sends the plain old text e-mail or the one who presents himself as the expert with his fancy graphic newsletter? Which newsletter would you spend more time reading? Plain text ezines (newsletters) tend to create unsubscribes whereas graphic HTML newsletters create more subscribers. The latter are more likely to be passed on to others who may have an interest in the same newsletter content, and if there is a subscription box added to the graphic newsletter the receiver of the newsletter can in turn subscribe themselves. It’s just another win-win situation for the newsletter’s publisher.

Creating HTML newsletters is not difficult at all and readers actually look forward to receiving this type of newsletter in their in-boxes. These newsletters are much more organized and informative and a whole lot easier on the reader’s eyes. The publisher of these newsletters are able to establish themselves as professionals and the readers tend to trust the information and content much more.

So how does the publisher of an HTML newsletter generate more income and more sales. There are lots of ways to do this in this style of newsletter. You can have a regular “Marketplace” section whereby you can sell advertising and in addition include your own products, websites, and affiliate links. You can also have a “Blog Update” section informing your readers of recent blog posts you’ve made (with their links). Your Blog can be your sales machine for you. Your readers crave the content you provide them in these professional newsletter and will have a greater tendency to want to read your blog posts…which will lead to affiliate links-product links-and your website links. There are lots of ways to monetize these types of newsletters.

If you’re still just getting by with those plain old text newsletters because you think that creating a graphic HTML newsletter is just too much work, then you’re missing out on the opportunity to turn more of your subscribers into buyers. There are a lot more ways to monetize a graphic HTML newsletter plus you’ll leave your readers looking forward to your next issue and craving your information.

Do you want to learn how easy it is to create those great looking newsletters you’ve been receiving? The right professional newsletter can generate many more subscribers and income for your business, and you can get the step-by-step instructions on how to easily start creating your own graphic newsletters today at FastTrack2Business



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