Pest Control Around The Pool

Airborne pests: Mosquitoes, bees, wasps, gnats, flies–each present their own hazards outdoors and can carry viruses and activate allergies in swimmers. For general pest control, seek out environmental-friendly repellents that give adequate coverage to the complete area around your pool, including the pool deck. In addition, oil of citronella (citronella candles) has been proven to repel most airborne pests. Also check with your local building supplier for permanent solutions like electronic eliminators and traps that attract and kill airborne pests without contaminants.

Be vigilant in and around your pool area. pool contractor Guard against standing water, such as in birdbaths or in containers and toy boxes–as these are breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Visually survey dark corners beneath decks, posts, gutters, awnings–anyplace a bee, wasp or hornets nest can thrive. If you discover a nest, you may choose to eliminate the problem with over-the-counter deterrents or contact a pest control professional if you are at all unsure about the extent of the infestation.

Land-based pests: Ants, mites, mice and other creepy-crawlies are attracted to food–crumbs, sugars, salt–the kind of excess that might go unnoticed after a relaxing day outside. Be sure to be vigilant about cleaning up after yourself outdoors–clean grills, tables, chairs and any decking surfaces at the end of each day. Repellents also exist to help manage infestations, and oftentimes you can apply these in advance of the season to gain an early advantage over land-based pests.

A final reminder: As a matter of additional safety, you should be aware of any allergies or special restrictions of anyone using your pool, and have appropriate health measures at the ready in the event of an unwanted sting or bite. If you have any doubt about controlling pests, consult a local expert for further assistance.

Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. A vigilant approach to pest control by the pool can add peace of mind to your summertime fun.For some, removing a swimming pool may seem like removing a house. Once you realize it can be done, you may be thinking…but how? How can a huge, concrete based pool that takes up my entire yard be removed safely and efficiently? All kinds of questions may be going through your mind: Will we disrupt the neighbors? How will they get a bulldozer into my yard? What if they hit a gas or water line? Lets face it, fear and anxiety are the emotions we feel when faced with the unknown. These are the emotions that make scary movies, giant roller coasters and haunted houses so compelling, but when you are hiring a pool removal contractor the last thing you want to feel is fear. So how do you handle this process? How do you hire a pool removal contractor in the bay area or anywhere else? The best way to do it is to simply eliminate the unknowns.



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