How Data Science Is Useful in Healthcare

Healthcare and medicine is a promising industry for implementing data science solutions. Medical data being collected in hospitals and clinics is enormous in size as well as velocity. Medical data scientists and machine learning experts all over the world are trying to collect, sort and process this huge volume of data and also to further interpret it to get a better understanding of the human body. Data science and its application can completely revolutionize the healthcare industry.


Data Science techniques, as well as machine learning, are being used in the field of healthcare in various ways today, from computerized patient records to genetic disease exploration to drug discovery. It can be used in image processing to detect abnormalities in MRIs or X-rays. Algorithms can be written to detect diseases, the risk of diseases, or even progression of diseases from electronic medical records. It can also help to foresee the vulnerability of individuals to terminal diseases by monitoring patterns and pre-existing medical conditions. Machine learning techniques can thus be successfully applied to improve both patient care as well as the healthcare process.


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