360 Panorama iPhone Review

Arguably the camera app in the iPhone is pretty limited out of the box. Depending on the model you’ll get all or a combination of features including HDR, spot focus, video and that’s about it. Luckily the 350.000+ apps in the app store offer plenty of solutions, and 360 Panorama is one of them.

Panorama – sandbox style

What strikes me most about the 360 Panorama app for the iPhone, is the freedom it gives users. Upon starting the app, a simple window appears surrounded by grey canvas. Also handy is the little light indicator on top, supplying handy feedback to the user. In my many panorama attempts I’ve grown very accustomed to the light-feedback – as it appears to be the key between amazing and awful panoramas.

Once the deed is done, the app will send the end result to the photo app on the iPhone, unfortunately skipping any possibilities of aftermarket alterations. I’d have loved the possibility of changing small parameters like contrast, color saturation and so forth. The lack of a cropping tool is far worse though, as the final picture often shows plenty of halos, smudges and so forth. An effect obtained from simple stitching mistakes.

The viewing possibilities after making the panoramas are impressive to say the least. 360 Panorama supports the Gyroscope, so you could look around holiday panoramas as if you were still there. Alternatively simply use the basic sweep gestures to move around. All in all viewing Panoramas on the iPhone (especially Gryo) is extremely satisfying.

Making the perfect picture – wide and immersive

The final result proved very subjective to the taker. It took me a few days before I was able to make a panorama worth showing at all. Most of this is due to aggressive movement of the camera, low light, movement speed, or a combination of the three. When moving the camera back and forth, an awful effect is pretty much guaranteed. This doesn’t come as a surprise, as the preferred way is making one-way movements and allowing the camera to calculate the perfect picture along the way.

Still 360 Panorama for the iPhone can deliver the goods, especially when the conditions are perfect. The best results I could manage were of beautiful sceneries in the woods or the many bantam hills here in the Netherlands.


360 Panorama is one of the best panorama apps in the App store. It’s very easy to use but hard to master. The end result is very dependent on the arm holding the iPhone, and could lead to plenty of frustrations. Panoramas of busy streets are impossible to make, a faith shared in the dark. Therefore it doesn’t come close to the praised Sony implementation in Cyber-Shot cameras. Nevertheless users get a great way of making panoramas for just 1,99, a great addition to any iPhone.

panorama iPhone review

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