The 7 Closing Habits of Highly Effective Tele-Sales Reps

In some of these phones, multiple handsets are also provided. These base stations have a proper range like 400 m-600m and any user can talk easily within this range. Manufacturers assign range to each base station accordingly so that voice quality remains as per standards. This is because range is inversely proportional to the voice quality.

There are number of applications provided by theĀ DECT phones. Some of the important ones are:

1) PBX (Private Branch Exchange):
2) WLL (Wireless Local loops)
3) Cordless phones for Home
4) Inter Networking between different technologies

PBX is called private branch exchanges. Using this application, any organization can connect to an analog telephone like landlines and then can transfer information over several DECT phones. It is mainly used in the companies having greater number of employees.

WLL is called wireless loops. This application is basically used in some small organizations.

As we all know, cordless phones are DECT phones. We can use Cordless phones in our homes by installing a base station with handset. DECT also provides user to use multiple handsets for intercommunication like using intercom. For this, we have to install a base station in one room multiple handsets can be installed in all other rooms. Using this, we can communicate with our family members easily from different rooms.

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