Myrtle Beach Cabana District

Imagine an exclusive beachfront home, only steps from the water for under $80,000! That’s what you’ll find in the cabana district in Myrtle Beach. About a dozen of these 200 square foot beach structures line the shore in this Ocean Boulevard area.

The cabanas have questionable origins; some believe they originally belonged to beach homes across the street that have since been destroyed and replaced with condos. Others say the structures belonged to the Ocean Forest Hotel that stood from 1930 to 1974, and later offered for sale after the hotel was torn down.

In any event these small buildings are among Myrtle Beach Real Estate Agents   the hottest pieces of real estate in town; only two have come on the market in the last seven years. Generally local realtors maintain lists of prospective buyers, and if a unit or lot becomes available it usually sells within 30 minutes.

Myrtle Beach native, Steve Bailey, purchased his cabana lot after a five minute phone call with his real estate agent. Apparently the building codes were extremely restrictive, requiring numerous permits, installation of a septic system, and underground utility lines. He can’t have a driveway, park on his property, step on the dunes, touch the sea oats or move any of the sand on the lot. Bailey claimed that building the cabana had more restrictions than building a house, but it was worth the effort.

Most residents don’t bother with insurance, as the costs are so high, it’s cheaper to rebuild. However, don’t be fooled, these beach huts may be small, but they’re mighty. One in particular, owned by Kevin Warren and Dean Carroll, is estimated at over 20 years of age. Its solid structure has survived annual hurricanes for years.

Rod Scarborough, a retired bank executive, spent five years trying to obtain his $78,000 piece of the beach located from a 40-foot setback to the high tide mark. His beach home is in use frequently, with an open door policy extended to his friends and family.

These cherished little beach huts have provided an exclusive getaway that only a fortunate few have been able to acquire. Hopefully they will remain for years to come, handed down as heirlooms from generation to generation.





Are You Right For The Franchise Business Model?

Before we can tackle this completely subjective question, we’ll have to cover a few basics first:

What is a franchise?
What are your strengths?
Have you ever used a behavioral assessment tool like the DISC Profile or Meyers-Briggs personality test?
Do you have clear, written goals for personal and professional achievement over the next 10 years?
Have you declared your values and know what it will look like to support them behaviorally?
Have you reached out to your local loi bai hat  SBDC (Small Business Development Center) or SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives) chapters?
Let’s begin by defining what a franchise is exactly.
Did you ever watch an episode of the hit television series, “Breaking Bad?” If so, everything you need to know about a franchise, Walt described in an early episode where he argued with Jessie – “I’m manufacturing, you’re distribution.”

Yes, I’m telling you that everything you need to know about the franchise industry you can learn from a fictional drug dealer.

My colleagues will probably roll their eyes and laugh me out of the building, but let’s keep it simple okay.

The franchise model is simply a form of distribution; a method of expansion; a way to grow your business. Some other popular growth strategies would be:

utilizing bank loans or other external investment capital to fund additional locations and employees
partnership, merger or acquisition with strategic partners or competition
Not so scary once you level set with that info is it? Not as complicated as some tend to make it either. There are of course Federal and State definitions as well which are important to recognize:

Federal Law: Under the FTC Franchise Rule, there are 3 elements of a franchise:

Trademark. The franchisee is given the right to distribute goods and services that bear the franchisor’s trademark, service mark, trade name, logo, or other commercial symbol.

Significant Control or Assistance. The franchisor has significant control of, or provides significance to the franchisee’s method of operation. Examples of significant control or assistance include:

approval of the site
requirements for site design or appearance
designated hours of operation
specified production techniques
required accounting practices
required participation in promotional campaigns
training programs
providing an operations manual
Required Payment. The franchisee is required to pay the franchisor (or an affiliate of the franchisor) at least US$500 either before (or within 6 months after) opening for business. Required payments include any payments the franchisee makes to the franchisor for the right to be a franchisee. These include franchise fees, royalties, training fees, payments for services, and payments from the sale of products (unless reasonable amounts are sold at bona fide wholesale prices).

If all 3 elements are present, then the relationship will be a “franchise” for purposes of the FTC Franchise Rule.

State Law: State law definitions of franchises vary, but the common themes include:


Required Fee.

Marketing Plan. The franchisee is granted the right to engage in the business of offering, selling or distributing goods or services under a marketing plan or system substantially prescribed by the franchisor.

Community of interest. The franchisor and franchisee have a community of interest in the marketing of goods or services.

Moving on… I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and everyone loves to talk about their new Start-Up.

I’ve got news for you: stop talking about the start-up and get to work building your business. Likewise, stop talking about starting a franchise or getting into franchising; just embrace the concept of starting a small business with the rules, regulations, process, and operations already pre-determined.

Keep in mind, determining whether you’re right for the franchise business model is subjective; but past experience is a good sign of future accomplishments.


A Brief History of the Robert F Kennedy Memorial Bridge

The Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Bridge in New York is a bridge that serves the boroughs of Queens, the Bronx and Manhattan in New York City. Formerly called the Triborough bridge, in 2008 the bridge was renamed for the late New York senator Robert F. Kennedy.

History of the RFK Memorial Bridge is as complex as the bridge itself. The Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Bridge in New York opened in 1936, though a bridge that linked Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx had been in the planning stages since 1916. Appallingly, construction began on the bridge on October 25, 1929 the day after the stock market began its catastrophic crash and the bridge’s financial situation looked bleak. Work was stopped in the spring of 1932 because the project simply ran out of money and wasn’t resumed till November 1933. Money from the New Deal had to be pumped into the project to keep it going and the bridge was finally opened on July 11, 1936 as the Triborough Bridge.

RFK Memorial Bridge history is closely linked with the Depression. Because of the Depression, the very architecture of the bridge and its spans had to be modified, becoming lighter and no doubt more esthetically pleasing. The bridge was originally supposed to have two decks, but that was reduced to one. The Robert F. Kennedy Memorial bridge is actually three bridges that meet at the toll plaza over Randall’s Island and separate into swirls and cloverleaves that head into twelve directions. Randall’s Island is named after Jonathan Randel or Randal, who bought it in 1784. The island was sold to New York City by his descendants in 1835. Now it’s a park with many excellent recreational facilities. There’s also a park on the Astoria Queens anchorage of the suspension bridge at the edge of a lively working class neighborhood.

The total cost of the RFK Memorial Bridge was $60,300,000, paid for by New York City, the Federal Public Works Administration, and the selling of bonds. Indeed, the bridge cost more than the majestic Hoover Dam.


A Quick Guide to Learning Spanish

The internet has made it possible to access a wealth of Spanish learning resources online. There are websites, podcasts, games, revision tools, vocabulary collections and much more, all with the purpose of helping you to learn Spanish quickly and easily. I have written this article as a basic guide to help you bring all these excellent resources together into an organised structure for your Spanish learning.

Building your Spanish Vocabulary

There are a great many different ways to learn and expand Spanish vocab on the internet. If you search for Spanish vocabulary on Google for example you will come up with millions of search results. It is however important to use these as efficiently as possible and starting with the very basics (e.g. numbers, colours etc.) is a good place to start. When you come across long lists of the vocab you want to learn remember that it is simply not enough to read through them once and move on – the new words will just leave your brain as quickly as they came in and you will not learn.

I would highly recommend finding a site with Spanish flashcard collections which you can use to practice and come back to. There are also sites allowing you to input vocab into your own flashcards – this is useful to help master the vocab you collect while reading and also those long lists you come across on many Spanish vocab sites online.

Furthermore there are other useful tools available such as interactive mini quizzes and games – Real Spanish and Spanish Dict are excellent sites for these sorts of tools. The problem with these is that often you don’t have control over the words you are actually practicing but Rocket Spanish offers its MegaVocab software which solves this issue.

Once you have a basic knowledge of Spanish vocabulary it is important to build on this by reading, reading, reading. There is so much interesting content to read such as newspapers, magazines (online and paper), blogs, short stories, novels, non-fiction etc. – in my opinion it is best to read anything you enjoy, this will keep you interested and give you the vocab around the topics you are most likely to talk about. I’d also recommend building up slowly because there is nothing more disconcerting than reading Spanish material which you find very difficult to understand at all.

Don’t Ignore the Grammar

Learning Spanish grammar is also extremely important and you can’t avoid learning all these new rules or anomalies that come with any new language. As with practicing Spanish vocab, Spanish grammar requires a lot of practice and will improve more quickly if you are using a variety of media. Don’t jump in at the deep Spanish Magazine  end but build your knowledge from the bottom starting with the most simple sentence structures – just as a young child would learn English. Again sites like Study Spanish offer good mini quizzes but it also helps to be writing and taking note of different tenses in the reading you should be doing.

I believe by writing using different tenses and Spanish sentence structures you gain a far better working understanding of Spanish grammar than by simply conjugating into a known tense – if your aim is to reach written fluency it is absolutely essential to be writing on a consistent basis. In the same way by speaking more your grammar will improve very quickly and in time your speaking will also improve as a result.

It is also useful to keep refreshing your knowledge of all the different rules you have learnt until they become second nature. I kept all my worksheets (which were available online) which helped me to keep my learning organised and ensured I didn’t neglect any certain areas. Don’t avoid the difficult stuff (like the subjunctive for instance) but stick at it and eventually you’ll get there- there are also good grammar guides which provide a good learning structure and practice exercises.

Developing your Listening Skills



Discover the Many Benefits When You Buy Factory Direct Spas

Many people long to take a break from their daily stresses and worries after a long, hard day at work, and just come home to their own personal spa. Enjoy the relaxing elements and health benefits of a hydrotherapy spa right in the comfort of your own home or backyard. Relax with your significant other, with friends, or just on your own to take it down a notch and relish in the serenity that a hot tub provides.

Purchasing a hot tub can be done a few ways. You can visit a variety of spa stores to compare the different models, prices and features. Alternatively, you can shop online and visit numerous online manufacturers’ stores, and do all your comparison shopping from the comfort of your living room. There are a variety of reasons to buy factory direct spas from a reputable online manufacturer, as discussed below.

Get Lower, Factory-Direct Prices

One of the main reasons why people shop around for hot tubs, or any other consumer product, is to get the best price possible. Of course, the last thing you want to do is sacrifice quality for price. By shopping factory direct, you don’t have to. You’ll find all the great quality spas available on the market for a much lower price online directly from the manufacturer than you would through a traditional retailer. Rather than paying a middle-man to supply the hot tubs to the retailer from the manufacturer, you can skip that step altogether and save yourself a bundle of money by shopping directly from a spa manufacturer online. Make sure you look for American built spas from a company that has been in business for a long time, so you know the quality and warranty are good.

Convenience of Shopping Online

Nothing beats the convenience of shopping online from the comfort of your own home. Rather than spending countless hours going from store to store trying to find the best spa for you and your family at the best price, you can do all that at home. Not only will you save time, but you will save yourself from the headache of crowds and salespeople, as well as the pressure from having to make decisions on your purchase while you are at the store. Take advantage of online manufacturers who offer free shipping for additional savings. Check that the spas are U.L listed and approved to be sure you are dealing with a quality, reputable manufacturer.

Great Selection of Products

Another amazing advantage of shopping online to buy factory direct spas is the incredible selection of products that you will encounter. Instead of traveling all over town to  озон интернет магазин compare all the different models out there – that may not even be on display in many retail stores – you can find everything that is available on the market all on your computer. Your odds of finding the perfect spa for you are much better by searching online. The other advantage to ordering online is that you can customize your spa purchase. Get the size and color you want in a bargain or deluxe spa and then add on custom lights, an ozonator, a stereo system and more.

Round-the-Clock Shopping

Most stores close before bedtime. If you don’t make it to the store during operating hours, you’re out of luck. By shopping online to buy factory direct spas, you are not bound by any “9-5” operating hours. You can shop whenever you want, and avoid the crowd during peak hours. In addition, many of these online shops provide excellent customer service that is also available at odd hours, whether by telephone, email, or live chat. Have all your questions answered by a knowledgeable customer service member on a virtual basis rather than having a pushy salesperson drive you to making a hasty purchasing decision.




Washington State Divorce Legal Issues

People approaching Washington divorces are often surprised by the deficiency of clear rules. People ask their lawyers, ” How much alimony do I have to pay?” ”How much child support will I owe?” How long I will have to pay?” How much of my pension does she get?” With very few exceptions, Washington Divorce Online has found that the law itself cannot give you very precise answers to these questions.

Either you and your spouse will negotiate a settlement between yourselves or a judge will determine the arrangements for you. In Washington State divorce cases, there are now formal guidelines that the court must follow in awarding child support. However, on most issues, judges are unfettered to implement their own discretion after hearing evidence, and this discretion extends even to child support guidelines.

You take your chances when you and your spouse go to trial. It can be a roll of the dice. Most judges do their best to be fair and professional, but, like the rest of us, judges are susceptible to their own prejudices and biases. If you don’t like the judge’s decisions you will either learn to live with them or you can appeal to a higher court, but few people ever utilize the appeal process. Appeals are difficult to win because the burden is on the person making the appeal to prove to the higher court that the trial judge misinterpreted the law or abused the discretion permitted the judge by law. Even if you are one of the few who wins on appeal, all you get most of the time is a new trial. The only way to be sure that your Washington divorce meets your needs is for you and your spouse to negotiate the resolution yourselves.


Washington, DC – USA

Visitors to the USA will enjoy visiting the capital of the country. This capital is known throughout the world as Washington D.C. the next time you are visiting the USA you will be able to find this city as it is situated on the north bank of the Potomac River. It has the state of Virginia bordering it to the southwest and Maryland can be found bordering it on the other three sides. Unlike many capital cities in the world the city of Washington D.C. can be found only in the District of Columbia which does not belong to any city, region or state.

Visitors who come to Washington D.C. will have a fabulous time in this city as there is so much to see and do. In order to see as many of the sights as you can, you will either have to stay here for a long vacation or try to cram as much sightseeing into a small period of time. First off you may want to learn about some of the sights that you will see while you are here. One of the best places to start your holiday here in Washington D.C. would be to visit the Mall.

The Mall is one of the most unique National Parks to be found anywhere in the world. You will find that most of Washington D.C.’s large number of tourist attractions can be found here. These will include the Smithsonian, the Washington Monument, the Natural History Museum, the Lincoln Memorial and the Reflecting Pool, the Vietnam War Memorial, and the U.S. capitol Building to name but a few. The largest and most recognized attraction to be found in The Mall however is the White House which is the seat of power of all U.S. Presidents. A trip to Washington D.C. is not complete without a trip to view the White House.


Phoenix, Arizona Weather Trends

Arizona has variety of weather conditions and is the warmest city in the United States. The climatic conditions in phoenix suits well to every people who lives in phoenix or to people who may come to Phoenix city .Most of the days in Arizona and Phoenix you can witness hot climatic condition so it is always good to wear sunglasses and sunscreen when you move out.

During late April to June summer season starts and there is a very hot climate which reaches about 100 or more degree. Morning time is very pleasant but the day gets very hot and in the evening it gets back to a cool climate. Highest summer temperature that has hit the phoenix city was in 1984 which was about 113 degree Celsius.

During April to June only there is only very little rain in Phoenix, Arizona.

The monsoon season in Phoenix starts around June and goes till September which brings much more humidity to the heat and increased chances for thunderstorms. It is very necessary that you have to drink plenty of water and make your body cool during this sunny weather.

Winter starts around late November and lasts till February. Winter season in Phoenix, AZ is really beautiful and pleasant as the temperature never goes beyond 80 degrees. Also there is be a huge down pour of snow falls which will make phoenix roads to go white in color. There are also chances of occasional thunderstorm, but average rainfall each month is less than one inch during winter.


Phoenix Events Serves Up a Potpourri of Cultures

Phoenix, Arizona is home to diverse culture, art and food all with a southwestern flair. If you are visiting the city of Phoenix, chances are that you will find more than enough to occupy your time as there seems to be something going on all of the time in this Arizona city.

Some of the Phoenix events that you can attend when you visit Phoenix are the following.

Hopi Art Festival

Phoenix is the home of the Hopi Indians and the Hopi Art Festival is something that you might want to view when you visit Phoenix. Many people come to Phoenix for the Hopi Art Festival that takes place the first full week of November beginning on Sunday each year at Roosevelt Row. The downtown art scene in Phoenix is brimming all of the time and there is usually something to be seen when you visit Roosevelt Row.

Phoenix Jewish Film Festival

Each February is the Phoenix Jewish Film Festival that showcases films based on Jewish experiences. The Jewish Film Festival occurs the first weekend in February at the Herberger Theater Center in downtown Phoenix. The Phoenix Jewish Film Festival is nearly 20 years old.


Learning How to Speak Spanish

More and more people today are realizing the advantage that they can derive from being able to speak other Languages like Spanish aside from English. People around the world who are multi-lingual may find more opportunities in life be it social or career wise. They become more aware of the various cultures of others that they meet every day. Their ability to communicate in Spanish may help them in their businesses as well. However, some people may find it a little difficult to learn other languages besides their mother tongue. They may need more encouragement and more interesting ways of learning how to speak Spanish.

People learn differently as some may respond better to formal structures such as a classroom setting. Spanish Magazine They may enroll in colleges that offer foreign language learning lessons. In any language learning situation, individuals have to broaden their vocabulary. They need to learn not only Spanish words but their meanings as well. This will help them later in comprehending what others are saying through this language. They have to say the words properly as well and they can do this by practicing the new words that they have learned. Later, individuals can expand their vocabulary words into phrases until they are able to say their complete sentences in its proper form and context.

Individuals who are learning a new language should be able to think and process concepts through this language. They can improve their abilities to think in Spanish so that the words may come out naturally as their brains are able to process quickly. Individuals do not have to make any mental translations before they can respond to what is being said in Spanish. They may also apply the same language learning concept with other foreign languages that they would like to learn as well.

There are other ways how people may learn to speak the language. They may listen to Spanish music or watch Spanish news and TV programs. Just like any other popular languages around the world, there are variants and people may choose the accent of a group of people that speak the Spanish language. They may expose or immerse themselves to people whose native tongue is Spanish. Individuals may also travel to various countries where they can practice their Spanish communication skills because they are required to use the language in order for others to understand them. People may find other interesting ways of learning how to speak Spanish the right way.

In this day and age it is more important to know the quick way to learn spanish [] than it has ever been. Fortunately the tools and resources are readily available to you. You just need to figure out which program meets your needs and then get started. Soon a whole new world will be open to you. Click here to discover the easy way to learn spanish