Bulk SMS – 7 Compelling Reasons Why Every Business Should Be Using It Right Now!

If you own or run a business of any kind and you’re not taking advantage of bulk SMS to promote your products and services, then you’re leaving a lot of money on the table. Here are seven compelling reasons why you should start using bulk SMS as part of your marketing campaign as soon as now!

1. It’s a certain attention-grabber- In the overcommunicated world we now find ourselves, attention is a scarce commodity and it is highly coveted by marketers. Businesses BULK SMS that are prosperous are the ones that have the eyeballs of their customers and potential customers. And they usually pay for it through the nose.

But, today, it doesn’t have to be that way – thanks to bulk SMS that helps you get the attention of your targeted audience… cheaply and certainly. People simply cannot stand the sound of a ringing phone – they always feel they must check it out. It works on the natural human curiosity. In fact, the ringing phone is said to be the most powerful sound in the world! And people always carry their phones with them everywhere they go… even when going to toilet!

Now, that’s just the beginning…

2. It’s guaranteed to be read- Today, many businesses are unwittingly engaged in what world-renowned Internet marketer, Mark Joyner, calls “Deadly Ground battles.” In military warfare, “a Deadly Ground battle occurs when two forces meet and there is no escape route for either. It becomes a pure fight-or-die battle… and there can only be one winner.”

Many businesses fight this kind of battle with their customers and potential customers – a battle they are always certain to lose because consumers can decide to ignore marketers’ adverts without any risk to the consumer. But with bulk SMS, it’s practically impossible to ignore text messages without reading them first.

Phone calls can be ignored, TV ads can be skipped, newspaper ads can be jettisoned, online banner ads can be dismissed, but bulk SMS can’t be ignored just like that. A well-circulated statistics has it that 95% of all text messages are read within 15 minutes! If that’s true, then it’s relatively huge.

3. It can be automated- If you’re in any kind of business, you’ll attest to the fact that there are many sides to a business and a hundred and one things to do… yet so little time to do them. That’s why the amount of abandoned business projects boggles the mind to consider.

Bulk SMS can help you free up your time because it can be automated. All you do is set it up and take a walk… and it would do your bidding! It can follow up on your prospect in a personalized way and help you get that much needed sale.

4. It’s highly responsive -Statistics abound that 20% of people respond to text messages. But that does little to help us grasp the real thing, because other variables like message effectiveness and quality of list also play critical roles in determining the overall effectiveness of SMS marketing campaigns.

Personally speaking, when I organized a national seminar sometime ago, bulk SMS outdid all other marketing approaches put together in terms of responsiveness. No wonder Internet marketing guru, Joel Comm, describes the mobile channel as the most profitable marketing channel in the world!

5. It’s immediate -When do you want your prospects to see your marketing message? Do you want them to see it by 12 noon today? Send it then and they’ll see it exactly at that time, other factors being equal. No delay. No waiting. No “traffic jam.”

That’s like other marketing methods like TV and radio ads, newspaper and Internet ads. If people don’t go online or read newspaper, they certainly WON’T see your ad; if they don’t watch TV or listen to radio, your advert will NOT ring a bell in their ears.

6. It’s cheap, very cheap indeed – In business, an extremely critical metric is your Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). Your CPA is all the marketing expenses spent to win a customer. When you calculate this per your advertising method, then you’ll have an idea as to how expensive it is to win a new customer. But compared to other marketing methods, the differences in CPA from bulk SMS is amazingly unbelievable! One page SMS cost as low as $0.005 depending on the volume you’re buying and the company you’re buying it from.

7. It’s integrative -When all is said, it is absolutely critical to note that bulk SMS doesn’t exist in a vacuum in and of itself. For its enormous potential to be harnessed, it has to be integrated with other marketing approaches like phone calls, email marketing, websites, pay per click ads, and so on. And it goes without saying that your marketing approaches also depend on the kind of product you’re selling and what your marketing objectives are. But what we’re actually talking about here is that bulk SMS naturally lends itself to integration… nicely and cheaply.

Are you still dilly-dallying, dragging your foot as to whether you should use bulk SMS in your business? You’d better jump on the bandwagon NOW in order to reap its enormous rewards. Remember: If you’re not using bulk SMS, your competitors are using it and they are ever ready to show you the way out of business!

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