Homeschooling Program

1. Direction

Choosing to self-teach is a significant choice for you and your youngster. guamhomeschool

As a parent/guardian, you have to consider a few components including however not restricted to:

Your kid’s advantages and learning styles;

Your family’s convictions and qualities;

Accessible program alternatives;

Time accessible to help your youngster’s instruction; and

Administrative necessities.

It is essential to have positive and progressing correspondence and participation between the parent/guardian coordinating the locally situated training program and the enrolling authority.


2. Qualification

Guardians, watchmen and parental figures reserve the option to self-teach their youngster on the off chance that they pick. They are answerable for picking and coordinating the program and should ensure that the program is age-and capacity proper for their kid.

The parent(s)/caregiver(s) who are answerable for and coordinating the locally situated training program should legitimately have charge and care of every understudy on the locally established instruction program.

In the event that pertinent, clarify any conditions, for example, guardianship, division or separation that identifies with the charge and authority of the understudies on the program.


3. Instructions to Register

Contact the leading body of instruction of the school division wherein you are occupant of the expectation to teach your youngsters on locally established training program. Send your notification of expectation and composed instruction plan to the enlisting authority (school division).

Complete name, sexual orientation and date of birth of every understudy on the locally situated instruction program.

On the off chance that pertinent, furnish data regarding the last school which every understudy joined in, the year that every understudy last went to class, and the evaluation finished during this year.

Complete name, address and phone number of the parent or guardians who are liable for and who are coordinating the locally situated training program.

Present a Written Education Plan. This arrangement contains a portrayal of the:

Philosophical methodology and explanation behind locally established instruction programs;

Training exercises, guidance strategies and learning assets which the guardians will use in the coming school year;

Methods for surveying and recording the instructive advancement of every understudy; and

Regions of study and learning results for every understudy for the coming school year.


4. Register

Download the Notice of Intent and Registration of a Home-based Education Program

Composed Plan prerequisites shift by school division. Contact your neighborhood school division for additional subtleties.


5. Additional Information

School divisions register all locally situated instructors in their area

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