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Today is October twelfth, 2020 and I’m sitting at my morning meal room table with my sliding entryway open to allow in some new fall air. I hear the tranquil sound of fowls and an intermittent bark of neighborhood canines and a weak murmur of youngsters playing. While this all sounds so typical for a fall day, the world keeps on being a long way from “ordinary” at the present time. theleachlife

Way with trees with fall leavesI realize I have been pretty missing from my blog for a long, seems like forever, time. I took a month long break in January because of an ongoing family misfortune and afterward burned through the vast majority of February arranging my first ladies’ retreat. Life got pretty occupied between showing cooking classes, retreat arranging, an intermittent customer shoot and simply ordinary “stuff”. And afterward… ..the incredible hit us. Covid! While I had wanted to re-visitation of making yummy plans and furnishing you with lovely pictures of carefully styled food, I just couldn’t force myself to do it. Frankly, it simply hasn’t felt right.

I have been learning a ton about myself (as well as other people) during isolate. It’s astonishing what tranquility can accomplish for an individual. For me, tranquility is something I’ve generally battled with, yet something I understood that I required like never before. I can’t trust it has taken a worldwide pandemic for me to at long last understand this, however worldwide pandemics can make us fully aware of endless things. Here are two of my large key takeaways:


Two containers of paint brushesI have been investing a ton of energy in my studio recently. The time spent making has been my salvation. Regardless of whether it’s painting, drawing, or simply dabbling, utilizing my hands is my place of unwinding, a spot to truly interface with myself on a more profound level. It’s such an incredible break from everything going on the planet, an opportunity to give up and be at one with my contemplations. I accept that utilizing our hands is simply the entryway reflection and disclosure. I like to consider it my own form of reflection.

My unique goal when beginning this blog was to move you to utilize your hands. Sadly, in the course of the most recent year, the blog transformed into to a greater extent a food blog than an objective for motivation. This is something I’m currently chipping away at, so things may begin to appear to be somewhat unique around here. I will even now share yummy plans yet will likewise bring you loads of imaginative motivation to make you utilize your hands from various perspectives.

Painted hands with the words “how about we make things”Using our hands to make is so significant. It’s such a natural piece of being human, something that shockingly is becoming mixed up in current society. We used to utilize our hands for everything from developing and preparing our own food, making our garments, and so on We had a more profound association with our food and where it originated from. Presently, it’s either in a bundle on a rack, made in a plant, or originated from hundreds or thousands of miles away. We are intended to make. I mean gander at all the individuals that went to making bread during isolate. This is a demonstration of the intrinsic need to utilize our hands.

In the past when somebody had a birthday, or was debilitated, we made “stuff”, possibly a by and by composed card or a warm pot of chicken noodle soup. Presently, it’s a present card, text, or facebook remark to wish one a glad birthday or congrats. These unoriginal signals keep on pushing us away from our association with others and ourselves. Have you seen The Social Dilemma on Netflix? This staggeringly amazing narrative truly addresses what I’m talking about here. I HIGHLY suggest it, particularly in the event that you have youngsters. Such a stunner!

Assortment of jugs of hued paintsDuring isolate I invested a ton of energy in my studio, making heaps of craftsmanship, however continually contemplating how I can carry more motivation to assist you with interfacing with your imagination similarly. Something I concocted is opening a shop that has hand made workmanship just as curated assortments of papers and so forth for you to make your own craft. The thought is to give you all that you have to make your own diary pages, cards, scrapbook pages, blended media workmanship, and so on

See it like speed scratch craftsmanship. I give you all the fixings and you get the chance to make! All you need is to cut out a brief period for yourself.

The Inspired Life Market is currently live. There is a shop connect in the menu bar of this site or you can discover more here at Inspired Life Market

The shop simply opened however I’m including more item a week after week premise.

I’m so amped up for this new pursuit and couldn’t want anything more than to hear your musings. Drop me a remark in the remarks beneath to tell me what you think. What’s more, presently to number 2.


Two hands getting a handle on a heap of paint brushesFor somebody who has spent the better piece of life in high rigging, this has been my greatest learning. From pursuing advancement to advancement during my profession in corporate America to beginning a great many organizations, my life has been one major quick track. I’ve been an individual from the multi-tasker club for quite a long time and being occupied has consistently been a major aspect of my life . I mean who would not like to be known for the capacity to complete poop (sorry for the language, I accuse the pandemic).

Our way of life is based on accomplish more, get more. You know the American Dream… however at what cost? Is it truly justified, despite any trouble, paying for it day by day in our physical, passionate, and emotional wellness? I am finding that the genuine worth is in doing less. Learn to expect the unexpected. You needn’t bother with an authorization slip to set aside some effort for yourself! The cleaning, news, online media, careless talk, and so forth and so on It would all be able to stand by. Try not to get so bustling that you pass up what is genuinely significant in your life. I consider most us are ideally understanding this at the present time. The hankering for individual association couldn’t be more noteworthy at the present time.

I realize we are generally experiencing such a troublesome time at this moment, I’m not going to gloss over it. My expectation is that I can keep on presenting to you a little splendid spot to your day and move you to set aside effort for YOU!

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