SEO Marketing With Squidoo Increases Your Ranking

A Squidoo lens is a homemade webpage that people use to discuss their thoughts, idea, and opinions. While lenses are designed to be a personal form of expression; they are also great for SEO marketing purposes.

SEO Marketing uses Squidoo lenses to increase traffic, build backlinks, and create a presence on social media websites Link building philppines.

Use a picture with your Squidoo lens for a link boost
Did you know that adding a picture to your Squidoo page is a great form of SEO marketing? A simple move such as adding a picture to your lens can improve your search engine ranking.

You can do this by naming your file name with the specific keyword that you want your site to rank for. Just add the keyword into the appropriate box and your site will gain a relevant backlink from the Squidoo page. This backlink will in turn bring traffic to your website from people searching for this picture and keyword in the search engines.

Use a Squidoo lens for social media marketing
A Squidoo lens is a great promotional tool for anyone looking to bring a few more customers to their online website. Broadcast your Squidoo lens posts using social media marketing sites to increase the reach of your marketing efforts.

Tweet your Squidoo lens on Twitter and link to it on Facebook. Create a YouTube video highlighting the best content on your Squidoo lens. You can also use SEO marketing via article directories to highlight your lens. Add a link to the lens in your profile and generate more backlinks for your site. This will help to drive your online site towards the first few pages of Google.

Use a Squidoo lens to sell more products
If you are an online store owner then you need to have a Squidoo profile. As a matter of fact, you should create a lens for every single product category that you are trying to sell. You can hundreds or even thousands of lenses.

Squidoo make it easy for you to teach people about a product, review the product, and sell the product all at the same time. You can sell products from your own site, Amazon, eBay, or any online store. You increase your reputation as an Internet marketer and build your rank as well. This is absolutely perfect for online marketers looking for a little more exposure.

Use a Squidoo marketing to drive traffic to your website
SEO marketing can take the conversation from your Squidoo pages to your online website. Ask engaging questions that will lead people to visit your website and see what it is all about. Include polls and questionnaires that are likely to generate responses from readers of your Squidoo pages.

Here are a few ways that you can get the blogosphere buzzing about your Squidoo lens.
– Ask about a recent major news event
– Discuss controversial topics that garner a reaction
– Add a fresh take to an existing topic

Another advantage of discussing many of these topics is that they make great linkbait as well. Readers are likely to retweet and repost your questions so that other users can see them.

A Squidoo lens is a valuable marketing tool for your Internet site. Combine the reach of the lens with social media sites and your website will be swimming in links and traffic.

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