Tunturi – Synonymous With Fitness

The presence of fat bike 20 elettrica in the fitness industry can be traced back to 1922 when a small cycle shop was set up by Harkke brothers. What started out as a manufacturing unit for producing limited number of cycles; gradually turned out to be a unit producing cycles in large quantities. The term “Tunturi” has a Finnish meaning to it. It refers to “Highland” in Finnish. As the company started gaining expertise in this business and started innovating using different technologies, the need to produce fitness equipment was felt. By 1970, Tunturi has started producing fitness equipment of different kinds in large quantities. Ever since then they have not looked back.

Different products you will get to see from Tunturi include Crosstrainers, Treadmills, Exercise Bikes, Rowing machines, and so on. If you are a starter, then you need to use C20 Crosstrainers as they are really simple to control and will require no electricity adapter to work upon. They are efficient in measuring your heart rate and so on. The C30 version of Crosstrainers are rear driven and is fitted with a resistance system also called by the name “servo magnet”. With the keys that are provided in the monitor the resistance levels can be adjusted as per the need. They are also incorporated with a built-in BMI calculator and a fat meter.

Like Crosstrainers, treadmills are also available in different types like T20, T30, and T40 and so on. If you are a novice, you can get started with a T20 treadmill. They are fully functional and are compact. Their elevation and speed can be easily controlled. There is also a provision for measuring heart rate in the hand grips. T30 treadmill can be used fir running regimes. They will provide you with plenty of opportunities to keep going ahead with training sessions. They are incorporated with a soft-drop system that will enable you to fold and unfold them easily. T40 treadmill is different from the rest in that they are provided with a mat for orthopedic running. These mats will lessen the strain on your muscles and joints.

Examples for Exercise bikes that are associated with Tunturi are F20 and F30. F20 bikes are suitable for fitness freaks that are just starting out. They offer excellent value to your money. Its monitor is easy to operate. The machine is robust and is very comfortable to operate upon. The F30 versions of these bikes are safe, stable and comfortable to work upon. They are simple in structure and their resistance systems can be manually adjusted. They are also incorporated with in-built programs for controlling heart rates. Different types of Rowing machines available are R25, R35, and so on. R25 versions of these machines are meant for novices. They are big in size and their display can easily be controlled. They operate smoothly and quietly too. The R35 version combines different movements for an effective training session. Due to the presence of twin rails they are stable enough to work upon. Their resistance system too can be manually adjusted. The rowing seat of R35 is comfortable.

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